JEC learnership sponsorship

JEC learnership sponsorship

One thing that lies very close to the Johannesburg Expo Centre’s heart is education. Making a difference in someone’s life is one thing but helping them to develop as an individual is another.

The JEC is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring an NQF 5 Leadership Learning Programme for 15 unemployed learners. The JEC Class of 2020 will build up credits in eight consecutive learning programmes gaining them insight and knowledge to grow not only in the workplace, but also in their personal capacity.

The learning programme topics include leadership, relationship management, diversity and conflict management, people management, financial management, best practice management, change management and results-based management.

Learners will be guided to analyse leadership and related theories in a work context, build teams to achieve goals and objectives and empower team members through numerous skill attributes.

The second learning programme will have them devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain relationships in the workplace and to apply emotional intelligence to people management and as part of the third learning programme they will manage a diverse workforce to add value and theyโ€™ll conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations.

The fourth learning programme will entail numerous facets, including leading people development and talent management and monitoring and evaluating team members against performance standards, followed by a learning programme focused on finances where the learners will apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information and manage unit finances.

The sixth learning programme will include the application of ethical principles to improve organisational culture and in the last two learning programmes skills will be honed on change processes, systems approaches, creating and managing environments that promote innovation and more.

This one-year learnership is sure to produce 15 leaders ready to take the world by storm. The Johannesburg Expo Centre wish all the learners the best of luck!