About Us


Exhibition, conference and event organisers’ venue of choice

Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) – South Africa’s largest purpose-built exhibition, conference, convention and events venue – is one of Johannesburg’s best known landmarks.

The JEC is managed by a specialised team under the leadership of Adele Hartdegen as the Chief Executive Officer. The venue stretches over 50 hectares in size and is maintained by a dedicated team who is responsible for landscaping, building, and compliance portfolios in and around the site, this team of experts posses key knowledge on the intricacies of the venue and constantly evolves under the guidance of Hannes Venter as the General Manager.

Our commercial team of Sales and Event co-ordinators will be your trusted advisor on your journey with the JEC, having vast experience in running intimate and large scale events, exhibitions, and conferences, these individuals will ensure that your event is a roaring success.

The JEC team possesses an impressive combination of industry experience, knowledge, and talent and remains committed to offering our clients an experience that will exceed their expectations. Customer service is at the core of the business and we aim to make every event an experience to remember.


To maintain our position as one of Southern Africa’s leading National and International exhibition, conference, convention and events centres.


To harness our professionalism, flexibility and hospitality to offer our clients world-class service; and to ensure that their experience always exceeds their expectations.


Over the years the venue has kept pace with the remarkable growth of the local exhibition and conference industries, evolving into a world-class facility that offers exhibitors, visitors and delegates a first rate experience.


Why the JEC is a unique venue.


Indoor and outdoor multipurpose facilities.


Over 20 000 parking bays.


World-class facilities that have won the PMR.africa Award in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and again in 2016.


Affiliated to all major industry associations.


Accessible from all highways.


Over 150 000 m² of space.


Surrounded by choice 4/5 star hotels.


Registered helicopter landing base.


30 mins away from ALL major airports..


All service providers on site.


Helping those in need

Letsema La Bana is an initiative by the South African Police Services (SAPS) that the Johannesburg Expo Centre has hosted since 2009 in partnership with the Rand Show. It was, however only in 2010 that the event was officially named. Loosely translated, Letsema La Bana means “joining hands for the children” and depicts the poignant purpose and collaborative effort that characterises the day. The beneficiaries of the event are the families that have lost a parent or partner, in their heroic efforts in serving our country. The purpose of this initiative is to honour and celebrate the lives of these fallen heroes and heroines and a means of showing support to their families. The event has to date grown from strength to strength each year, and we hope that it continues to do so in the future. JEC also recognises that such an event requires every possible assistance, therefore calls on other organisations that would like to join hands with us to ensure that the event continues to be a success.

Inkwenkwezi Primary School based in Soweto has been part of our corporate social initiative profile for many years.

The Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) makes donations in the form of stationery, backpacks and blankets, to name a few, throughout the year and is always willing to help with other needs identified by the school. To date, JEC has revamped the school’s library, donated cleaning products and provided reading books for the learners.

These initiatives would not have been possible without our sponsors; GL Events South Africa, Main Event Catering, Recall Effective Security, Lodge Security, Expo Guys, ZF Cleaning, Sizwe Extinguisher, Mahatsi Developers, Sound Headquarters, Multi-Cup, Blue Ribbon, Ethos Productions, DMG Events and Pick ‘n Pay.

The Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) also recently added Riverlea Primary School, located in South of Johannesburg to its corporate social initiative profile. So far JEC has made donations that include the conversion of two class rooms into a library, refurbishments of the rooms, flooring installations, the provision of bookshelves, furniture and books for the library. We are grateful to our sponsors for the unfathomable support we continue to receive from them.

Sponsors: GL Events South Africa, Main Event Catering, Recall Effective Security, Lodge Security, Expo Guys, ZF Cleaning, Sizwe Extinguisher, Mahatsi Developers, Sound Headquarters, Multi-Cup, Blue Ribbon, Ethos Productions, DMG Events and Pick ‘n Pay.