Hosting your 2021 event at the Johannesburg Expo Centre

Hosting your 2021 event at the Johannesburg Expo Centre

With the events industry slowly starting to release smaller events, now is the ideal time to engage with your customers and start planning your 2021 function at the Johannesburg Expo Centre. With the unique configuration offered by the venue, the facility can easily accommodate small and large format events whilst adhering to all required regulations. If you are planning to host your event in 2020, the current Lockdown Level 1 restrictions provide for 250 people maximum indoors and 500 people maximum outdoors, for smaller venues, attendance is limited to 50% of each venue capacity. These measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of the Covid virus by practicing social distancing in all event spaces and limiting the number of people attending each event.

Why is the Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) positioned as the Venue choice under these unique circumstances?

The JEC has a total of 8 Halls, these facilities range in size from 2500-12300square meters, each Hall has spacious dedicated conference facilities which can be used as catering or registration areas to break up the event space without affecting the flow of the event. In addition to the indoor space, the venue halls all lead out into spacious garden and esplanade areas, ensuring visitors have ample space to practice social distancing whilst networking or taking calls.

A very unique feature of the venue is the dedicated entrance points per Hall, this allows an organiser to break their event into smaller themed events – each with their own parking, entrance and registration points.

The Halls were designed with convenience in mind, offering multiple loading bays to enable easy access for contractors, and with an exceptional floor loading capacity, we can allow delivery vehicles to drive right onto the floor to deliver goods or showcase heavy industrial machinery in an indoor setting.

Most of our Halls have a ceiling apex height of 8.2 meters, this makes for the ideal indoor events set-up should you wish to set-up a grand indoor stage for your particular event or deploy elaborate double-story custom stands.

Should an outdoor event be preferred, the venue has two large format terraces, ideal for setting up temporary marquee infrastructure or an open-air concert. Our main events arena is just short of 10,000 square meters and is well-positioned in the venue as an ideal space to host a concert or outdoor year-end function.

The JEC works closely with trusted contractors in the industry and the venue along with these contractors having years of experience in the industry, is confident that we can welcome back organisers and visitors alike, implementing any regulations seamlessly.

We are ready to engage and offer support to the industry as a whole, we look forward to what the future holds and to once again meet your demands and exceed your expectations.

The JEC, the ideal venue for any function:

Trade shows, exhibitions and events, conference venue, lifestyle festivals, government functions, product launches and corporate functions.