Dumisani Zondi: A Journey of Growth and Tenacity

Dumisani Zondi’s exemplary journey at the Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) reflects his unyielding dedication and steadfast commitment to career development. Since joining the JEC in 2006 initially as a subcontractor, Dumisani has ascended through the ranks, showcasing the company’s ethos of internal talent promotion. Currently thriving in his role as Operations Manager, Dumisani reflects on his start in 2006, “Joining as a subcontractor laid the foundational stones of my career path, which has been marked by continuous learning and advancement.”

Overcoming Challenges

Dumisani faced initial challenges transitioning to management roles but adapted swiftly. He shares, “The shift brought significant responsibilities, demanding adaptability and resilience. These challenges were crucial in shaping my approach to leadership within the company.”

Guided by Mentors

Dumisani credits his growth to the mentorship from leaders within the company. “The mentorship of leaders like Hannes Venter and Adele Hartdegen was instrumental. They helped me refine my skills and navigate complex projects, which significantly propelled my career forward,” he explains.

Professional Milestones

His pursuit of further education in Occupational Health and Safety at Unisa marked a pivotal advancement in his career. “This education was a turning point, providing me the expertise needed to lead our team through the establishment of a COVID hospital onsite – a testament to our ability to adapt and excel under pressure,” Dumisani notes.

Dumisani is deeply invested in continuous improvement, both for himself and his team. “I actively participate in and facilitate training sessions that enhance our workforce’s capabilities, ensuring compliance and excellence within our operations,” he states.

After over a decade at the JEC, Dumisani’s dedication remains unwavering. “My journey over the past 14 years at JEC has been one of immense personal and professional growth,” he reflects.

Promoting from Within

Adele Hartdegen, CEO of JEC, emphasises the organisation’s policy of internal promotion. “We are committed to nurturing our talent and providing an environment that fosters continuous growth. The success of our business depends on employees like Dumisani, and we are delighted when these individuals take on the challenge and flourish in new roles ,” she says.

Outside of work, Dumisani’s interest in golf enriches his professional life, offering networking opportunities that enhance his skills and judgement.

Dumisani continues to be driven by a commitment to excellence and growth at the JEC. “I am dedicated to advancing our mission, fostering growth, and maintaining our standard of unparalleled service,” he concludes, underscoring his leadership and dedication to the company’s success.